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Recruitment and selection:

Your urgent requirements receive our immediate attention. Clients choose to engage Omnistaff to source candidates based upon our consulting, professional and highly targeted approach to sourcing, identifying and pre-screening suitable candidates.

Permanent staffing:

Over the years, we have invested heavily into the development of permanent recruitment. We maintain a large candidate pool of over 40 000 industry-specific, first class permanent applicants at all levels of seniority; constantly increasing the accessibility to highly skilled and talented individuals. We would like to work closely with you to develop a strategic plan in order to locate the best possible applicants for your vacancy.

    Strategic action plan:

    • Initially, it is our intent to better understand the environment and target-market related to our clients' businesses. As such, we acquaint ourselves with them business on a personal capacity.
    • Secondly, Omnistaff will liaise with you to determine the requirements of the vacancy. If need be, omnistaff will assist in the drafting of a job-description.
    • An initial examination of our existing database of professional candidates will be conducted for any matching candidates.
    • Omnistaff will receive all applications and conduct initial telephonic screening, as well as assessing the candidate's interest in the role, company and remuneration package.
    • A private competency based interview will be exercised with each candidate, qualified for the position.
    • Two detailed behavioural reference checks will be completed with regard to each candidate. This will be conducted in accordance with our privacy code.
    • We employ services from a registered psychometrist to administer psychometric tests if our clients wish to assess the candidate further. Full debriefing will be provided at an extra cost.
    • The final phase of the recruitment process includes arranging interviews with the candidate and client, as well as liaising on the candidate's behalf until the commencement of employment.

Temporary and Contract staffing:

Whilst many of our clients place a premium on the continuity and commitment of career-orientated permanent staff, there is undoubtedly a place for the services of the highly experienced specialist as a contractual labour provider. This covers a large range of circumstantial events such as long term projects, sickness cover or maternity leave to name but a few. We are fully commited to offering our clients access to a skilled and flexible workforce, enabling competition on a larger scale through judicious and effective deployments of cutting edge technology and business practices.

Executive search:

The Executive search process allows us to target passive job seekers. The pool of talent is widened because our clients are not limited to the small group of people actively seeking employment. Therefore, the quality and calibre of candidates is greatly improved. Our clients have access to candidates in 'high demand' and candidates in markets where skills shortages exist, including candidates at middle, senior and executive management levels. The search assignment is managed according to a pre-determined search schedule, which commits to deliver of an appropriately qualified shortlist by a specified date.

Ad response handling:

if our clients prefer to carry out short-listing using their own resources, we can handle response from all the advertisments, including telephone queries. This service is particularly beneficial for clients who prefer to advertise anonymously. The scope of this service includes, but is not limited to:

    • Receiving ad response from various media
    • Telephonic screening
    • Receiving CVs
    • Grading applicants according to a job specification before forwarding to the client
    • Presentation of CVs to the client
    • Arrangement of subsequent interviews with applicants who have been short-listed by our clients' team
    • Conduct references on all short-listed applicants
    • Regret all unsuccessful candidates.


These are characteristics that set us apart from other recruitment agencies. Omnistaff is particulary known for reinforcing our reputation by delivering results. We commit to offering:

    • Quick response turnaround
    • A holistic approach combined with industry knowledge and experience
    • Candidates of the highest quality
    • Dedicated account managers
    • An excellent return on investment
    • Improved retention of staff