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Our commitment:

We shall:

  • Obtain information pertaining to the Client and job assignment as necessary to ensure accurate selection of candidates for the vacancy.
  • Ensure that clients receive a written copy of our Terms & Conditions of business, fee structure, guarantee periods and a clear description of services rendered. This action shall take place prior to the commencement of the assignment of a job specification or at the time that candidate referrals are sent.
  • Advise candidates on the opportunities available and obtaining approval prior to submitting their CV's to the intended client.
  • Ensure, as far as possible, that all candidates referred meet clients' requirements.
  • Ensure that information contained in CV's/Reports submitted to clients is as accurate as possible.
    • Omnistaff will utilise competency based interview techniques to access the candidates' skills
    • Clients will be notified of any information that cannot be verified.
    • Details of a candidate referred to a client more than six (6) months from the date of the initial interview will be updated before submission.
    • Reference checks shall be conducted prior to referring the Applicant's CV to the client.
    • Requirements for credit, criminal and other checks must be agreed upon by omnistaff and the Client and shall be carried out at an appropriate time in the recruitment process as discussed with the client.
  • Treat all information relating to the business practice of clients with confidentiality and for the exclusive purpose of recruitment and selection.
  • Not approach an employee of a client unless previously agreed upon with that client.
  • All information concerning the candidate is presented to the client in strict confidence and on condition:
    • That it is not divulged by the client to anyone without the candidates' written consent.
    • That no contact whatsoever shall be made with the candidates' present employers without the Candidates' written consent.
    • That no reference checks shall be conducted regarding the candidate without the written permission of the candidate or consultant.

At omnistaff, we are dedicated to providing a service that is confidential, transparent and complete in its entirety. Our policies dictate a strict code that ensures a timeous and constrainted project timeline. furthermore, our unique approach to the communication function certifies that clients are constantly briefed on any and all processes in the procession of the project.