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Our Commitment to you:

  • We shall act as your recruitment consultants and provide professional and confidential guidance regarding your HR career path and choices.
  • Our aim shall be to utilise an in-depth knowledge and experience of the HR sector to fulfil your career objectives.
  • We shall utilise our extensive network of relationships- within South Africa's leading companies as well as our smaller, more specialised clients- to ensure that you achieve your career goals.
  • We shall undertake a consultative approach throughout the recruitment process; taking time to listen to you and understand your motivations and personal situation.
  • We shall provide practical assistance and suggestions to develop your interview skills and Assessment Centre Performance (ASP).
  • We shall represent all our candidates in a fair, concise and equal manner regardless of age, race, gender, religion and personal preference.

Our Expectations of you:

  • We ask that you be transparen5, honest and frank in all your dealings with us - in the answers you give, in discussion, feedback and general comment - in order that we may better serve your interests and offer you the best possible advice and guidance.
  • We ask that you prepare yourself as much as possible for the recruitment process. This includes such preperations as updating your CV, being punctual, dressing appropriately and mentally preparing yourself for interviews – which can all help achieve a positive outcome.
  • We ask that, as an Omnistaff candidate, you understand that you are a representative of our brand and that you are respectful toward the partnerships that we have established with our clients.
  • We ask that you openly discuss with your dedicated consultant if you no longer wish to continue through the recruitment process with one of our clients. We have respectable relationships with our clients and it is important to us that they are maintained. Thus, our relationship with you is a critical aspect of this.

As responsible corporate citizens, we comply with a professional code, which aims to observe the highest principles of ethics, equity, integrity, professional conduct and fair practice. Omnistaff conducts business in a manner that will enhance the reputation of all its' stakeholders, maintaining relationships founded on honesty, mutual trust and respect.